Jonas Dahlström - 07:27:47
For his new book 07:27:47, photographer Jonas Dahlström studied urban environments in Sweden. With the immediacy of street photography, he captured their beauty in a continuous sequence of images taking place during exactly 12 hours. Focusing on the interaction of light, shadows, and architecture, the aesthetics of his stunning photographs are strict, clear, and minimalist. Regardless, these external landscapes can…
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Gerry Johansson - Ehime
For Ehime, Johansson travelled to Ehime prefecture which is located southwest of Japan with stunningly beautiful area to explore with nature. Johansson had visited Tokyo in the seventies and eighties, but 1999 was the first time for him to visit countryside region of Japan as he was invited for residency program. Compared to the big city Tokyo, Ehime has different…
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Gunnar Smoliansky  // Diary
Gunnar Smoliansky is a major Swedish photographer. He has devoted himself to photography since the early 1950s. Smoliansky has been an independent artist since the 1970s. Gunnar Smoliansky works exclusively in black and white and throughout his career, he has transformed his photographed motifs into completed photos in the darkroom. Stockholm is the main focus of Smoliansky’s photographic world, particularly…
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Jan Töve - Night Light
The images in "Night Light" are views of dormant small towns and communities during bright nights and dark days. A street lamp, an illuminated window, a neon sign or the light of a summer night sky that never completely fades out. And the opposite: the winter season, when the darkness is grafted into days early. Strolling around these night…
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Gerry Johansson - At home, in Sweden, Germany and America
This book is published within the project OMNE, to coincide with the exhibitions in Italy 2019-2020; At home in Sweden, Germany and America The twenty photographs presented in this book were taken during photographic explorations in Sweden, Germany and the United States, the fruit of almost thirty years of work by the artist, and bring together a selection of unpublished pictures that are not…
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Anders Onerup - En stund på jorden
Denna bok kom till som ett resultat av utställningen "En stund på jorden", som visades sommaren 2020.  Den är ett fotopoetiskt försök att fånga stämningar och känslor som infunnit sig hos mig under arbetet, detta Coronans år. Ett försök att fotografiskt fånga vemodet, sorgen och det vackra i min värld. Materialet är både digitalt och analogt, från en tidsperiod på 40 år.
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