Gerry Johansson - Borås
This book was published to coincide with the exhibition 'Gerry Johansson, the recipient of the Lars Tunbjörk Foundation Prize 2019', at Abecita Museum of Modern Art in Borås, Sweden, 2019.
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Gerry Johansson - Halland
Landscape photography from the Swedish province of Halland 2015-2019 New book by Gerry Johansson. "The sky throws a vault over Halland which often raises smallness and mediocrity to monumentality and lends to the little the measure of greatness." /Mårten Sjöbäck, 1931 Our copies are signed.
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Gerry Johansson -  Härryda kommun
Vad visste jag om Härryda när jag fick förfrågan om att göra en utsmyckning för kommunen? Knappast något bortom det mest uppenbara.
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Gerry Johansson -  American Winter
Since the early eighties, Gerry Johansson has made quiet pictures of quiet places, often lying in the shadows of industrial decline. For American Winter, Johansson travelled through semi-deserted towns in Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and Colorado, finding as much beauty as there was misery in landscapes cloaked in snow: an isolated church floating in a mottled sea…
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Gerry Johansson - Supplement: Deutschland
Why Supplement: Deutschland ? Shouldn’t the 169 pictures in Deutschland (MACK, 2012) be enough? Frankly not. Some pictures I liked were left out for various reasons. And some went into the book even though they shouldn’t be there. It is simply difficult to judge a book before it is printed, bound and you hold it in your hands. I…
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Gunnar Smoliansky  // Diary
Gunnar Smoliansky is a major Swedish photographer. He has devoted himself to photography since the early 1950s. Smoliansky has been an independent artist since the 1970s. Gunnar Smoliansky works exclusively in black and white and throughout his career, he has transformed his photographed motifs into completed photos in the darkroom. Stockholm is the main focus of Smoliansky’s photographic world, particularly…
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